Clinical Trials

LACOG 0415


Phase II randomized study of Abiraterone acetate plus ADT versus APALUTAMIDE versus Abiraterone and APALUTAMIDE in patients with advanced prostate cancer with non-castrate testosterone levels

Primary Objective

We aim to assess the activity, safety and patients reported outcome of ADT plus abiraterone, abiraterone plus APALUTAMIDE (a second-generation antiandrogen) or APALUTAMIDE alone in hormone naïve locally advanced or metastatic prostate cancer which ADT was indicated.


Sample size: 126

Study Scientific Committee: Fernando Maluf, Oren Smaletz, Fábio Schutz, Vinicius Carreira, André Fay,Daniel Herchenhorn,Telma Santos.

Status: Regulatory process

Sponsor: Janssen


LACOG 0415




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